Today is the story of a lady and her fight with computers/the Internet.

My friends and family have been preaching to me about uploading my document and contacts and such to Google so that I have more space available on my computer and also have everything backed up if something were to happen. Today I finally gave in, and it is so repetitive and such a long process! I had selected about 800 photos to upload and the computer decided to refresh the page so there when all that work, then I got the same photos ready to upload again but then they were loading in the wrong place so I had to stop those. After that I opted to load them by topic/theme which requires more babysitting and less freedom to get everything else done that I need to do. So far I am maybe half way done and figured I could work on my blog, online classes, etc while waiting to upload the next section. After i have finished the pictures then I have music and everything else to concur next, wish me luck! To help be be focused I have opera music playing in the background!!! 🙂