I am pretty sure that a few months ago I shared with all of you the loss I went through with many of my friends for my Choir Director’s passing. It is still hard to think of him being gone due to how much he touched the hearts of people all over the world! He is how I met my husband and I will never be able to forget that!


The choir of past, present, and future have been such a wonderful family to lean on and laugh with when thinking of all the wonderful memories of him. Music is the language that all people can understand even when they can’t hear it, they can still feel the emotion in the vibrations. Here is a poem that my friend post on Facebook today in honor of MR. B and I though you might like it! Love you Mr. Brewer!!!!!!

“Going on six months now, I still feel your presence in every note I sing, play, or hear. The wondrous words I vow, these hearts around me give me strength, when I fear.
You touched us all, each and every one. You made us stronger, in the longest run.
The Sun is brighter, my sorrows a little lighter, all because you were here. The world is better, troubled times a little lesser, especially if you were near.
Never would we think of, your pain not be enough.
The children, how they would smile, listen, and stare, all the while, our songs filled their halls for miles.
You had the beast inside, your love for music has defined, you’re ever in our minds.
From Budapest to Madrid, oh, the things that we did, sing your heart out, kid.”

-Travis Clifton

bill directs