How do we compare?

If any of you follow me on Facebook you should have seen a post here recently about school food in America verses other countries. I am hoping that it was a wake up call for some people but but at the same time I pray that it isn’t taken poorly. I know that a lot of Americans look at the health in our country as an issue that should be handled by the family, which is true, but it is also something that the school system should handle.


In other countries, students are taught to clean, cook, exercise, and much more. Due to this being a staple in their schooling, the students tend to come out more respectful and thankful for what they are given and even thankful for what they have to work for.


My husband and I are planning on moving out of the country so he can teach English and this is something we look forward to. When the time come, we will enroll our children in school and depending on where we live our children will either go to school in that country or back home in America. We have discussed how great these disciplines will be for our kids and how they will most likely be bilingual by then end of the grade school phase of life. We wish this for our kids: to be happy, healthy, faithful, respectful, caring, and much more but only time and God will tell. We want to raise our kinds outside of America if possible just because of the entitlement that many Americans have and lack of respect, health, etc. Now don’t think that I am a health freak or anything. Both myself and my hubby are over weight and are not happy about it and do not wish this for our kinds. Living in another country will help with that! 🙂


Please feel free to comment with anything you have to say and I will try to respond with any answers if the are questions. 🙂  Love y’all!

Need A Change

As I have said in some of my past posts, I am wanting to have a happier leave on life and therefore better mine and my husband’s life together. One of the things that I have not been able to get a grasp on is the influence that others have on us. As a Christian I do believe in the power of words and even the belief that if you think positively then more positive things will happen just because you are looking for them or see them more easily, plus the power of God of course!

All throughout mine and Daniel’s relationship we have been told by many different voices how bad we are for each other and how nothing good can come from us being together. FYI I still take offense to this. Even after 2 years of us being married nothing but negativity surrounds us. Not because of anything we do or do not do specifically, but because we choose to do things differently than the onlookers would want us to do it. Yes, we do need help. Neither one of us know that much about cars or things of that matter so we reach  out for help in that matter, but there is a lot that we don’t ask help for. Here recently we have had a lot of car issues and therefore keeping my dad on the run, but it is just temporary and we are very grateful for the help.

What I am asking for and was hoping would happen on it’s own is that mine and my husband’s lives be filled with people who are going to support and love us. Giving advice is a good thing too but do it in a positive and loving way rather than anger, hate, emotion, fed up, etc because that is what makes people not want to listen to other or even be around others. Each generation, each person is different and each person’s options in life are different. Time changes so much in so many ways and there are only a few things that can and will be constant: Love, God, Hope, Grace, Etc. God can and will provide all our needs but we would like to have family and friends too. We can keep each other happy by ourselves if we need to but interaction with others would be very nice under the right conditions (being positive, supportive, and loving).

I am beyond blessed to have a loving husband and a family that is concerned for me, but I know that there is an overwhelming amount of negativity surrounding us and I am saying NO MORE! “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!” Philippians 4:13

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“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” -Helen Keller

7 Lovely Logics

I, a lot like many of other people in the world, struggle with self worth, self esteem, and positive thinking in general. The scripture and God does help me in this issue I face, but there are also other ways to going about raising the “positive energies” in one’s life. One of these is the 7 lovely logics.

Logic #1:


This something I know I have had issues with! Letting go of hurt feelings especially is one of the hardest things for me to do. I can forgive the person, but it is hard for me to forget. Just like in Lion King 2,

“Let him run
Let him live
But do not forget what we cannot forgive

And he is not one of us
He has never been one of us
He is not part of us
Not our kind

Someone once lied to us
Now we’re not so blind
For we knew he would do what he’s done
And we know that he’ll never be one of us

He is not one of us…”

Forgiveness doesn’t always come to me in the easiest way, especially is a similar thing has happened to me in the past.This does end up having a huge impact on the others involved in my life for one reason or another.

Logic #2:


This is so true! Normally if a person steps back in a situation and calms down, then the terrible event that they were facing earlier suddenly isn’t as bad. No matter if it just a short amount of time or a couple years, TIME DOES HELP!!!!

Logic #3:


As Americans we long for more or better things and envy those that already have what we seek. This is an unhealthy part of our society and causes more issues than it helps. I will admit that I too long for better and more things, but I also understand that I can’t have everything and somethings are better off that way. As the logic says, we don’t know the journey that the other person had to take to get to that point, we only know the end product. Maybe next time try to figure out what the person has gone through/ is going through to have what you long for and see if it is really worth it.

Logic #4:


There is no reason to look for happiness in others or in objects! The happiness found there is fleeting. I do slightly disagree with this one because I believe that happiness is found in God, but that is my beliefs.

Logic #5:


This kind of goes hand in hand with the last two. People will form their own opinions of you no matter what you do so don’t sweat it. Just do your best and be kind/caring to others and that is all you can do.

Logic #6:


Okay Okay Okay, This is totally me! I over thing and analyze stuff all the time (hence this blog to get crap put of my head). I do not claim to know everything, but I feel as if I am knowledgeable and wise in some situations, and this is not wise because this causes me to become over confident, boastful at times even. One should be humble but aware or what is happening around them so that they can not so easily be taken advantage of.

Logic #7:


I too have issues with this, I stress over every little thing. I am however getting better about this with the help of my husband. I have been going through a really sad time and stressful time here recently and smiling has not been a habit of my face because of all the mess. But anyways, I am getting better about it and that is something to smile about! 🙂

I plan on trying to adapt my way of thinking to where these are more of a main focus much  like scripture is suppose to be in one’s life except scripture having more weight and meaning to it. I know with practice, changing my outlook on life will make things a whole lot better!



Part of my life and the life of pretty much everyone around me is full of issues dealing with money. Some days we have in excess, but most days we are scrimping by and doing everything we can to make sure that the lights will stay on for our families.

There are many different ways one can go about helping their family. There are on line “jobs”, getting multiple jobs, going back to school to get a better degree, selling whatever isn’t needed or wanted anymore, taking financial courses, making budgets, etc. Unless the person/people that are dealing with the issue stay involved in the matter and don’t slack the success rate is much lower. Face it, we are Americans (lazy, think we deserve better, etc) and this poses a huge issue for us. We are trained from a young age to follow our dreams at any cost and do whatever makes you happy, but that isn’t always a good thing.

Believe me when I say that my husband and I do have huge dreams and hopes for our future children, but we will also have to balance the realism with them of our daughter becoming a princess and our son becoming an astronaut, not very likely. We want to put them into dance, music, art, sports, etc and grow their possible out comes for a future, but if one day they say they don’t want to do it anymore we will sit them down and talk through it with them and see if stopping really is the best answer or if they just got annoyed with something. Parenting is no where in the near future for us, but we do have characteristics that we are both working on because we want to raise children that are better than we are, there for we must also work on ourselves to better them. WE have a long way to go but one of the things we are working on right now is our finances and attacking them from many different directions. We want to be able to see most of our dreams come true is God wills and have a great life together.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”
Matthew 7:3


Detox Goals


All Grains
Extra Sugar


Eat a lot of Meat
Focus More on Scripture and My Faith
Eat lots of Veggies
Eat 3 Meals a Day
Exercise More
Stress Less
Attend the Chiropractor More Frequently
Attend Biofeedback and Light Therapy More Frequently
Have a Better Attitude/ Think Positively
Cook More
Show Move Love To My Husband

I drempt I dwelt in marble halls

As all human beings, I too have dreams! Some of my dreams are feasible and other, well i doubt that they are gonna happen. The only thing that I know to do is keep dreaming and set goals, but don’t get too wrapped up in them because dreams and hopes can be shattered if they are not God’s will! Here are some examples of some of what my husband and I are dreaming of.

House: 4 stories
Basement: Game/ Movie Room, “Gym”, and Garage
Main Floor: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Suite (for guests and or us when we get older)
1st Floor: Kids Rooms and Laundry Room
2nd Floor: Master Oasis (His Music/ Gaming Room, My Office/ Craft Room, and our Bedroom)

Mine: Singer/ Crafter/ Helper/ MotherHis: Opera Singer/ Video game Streamer