Issues that Christians in American are Facing

*This is based off of my own in site into issues and not to spread an agenda*

  1. Abortion: I believe that abortion is wrong. Period. People say that every woman should have a choice, which I agree with, but the choice begins before conception. I do believe in NO sex before marriage and I also know that a lot of people will not agree so I do believe in PROTECTION. Now birth control I do use, but I wish there was a better option not only to avoid pregnancy but also to help with the menstruation cycle. I first got started on Birth Control because of my cramps being so strong, I would basically collapse to the ground (while at work) and it was because it was soooo painful! But anyways, I have never been prego but I have had the “issue” of possibly being prego in the past and from day one I chose to say no to abortion despite my age or reason.
  2. Refugees: In scripture we are told to welcome strangers into our homes, love they neighbors, do unto the least of these and you would want done to you etc and I completely agree. The issue comes from self preservation and greed. We want to protect the ones we love but we also have to follow God’s word/law. My husband and I have talked about this (like most people) and have kind of had to decide to not decide on our thoughts and decisions for this matter because we know what we should do as a Christians but it is scary and we are afraid to do what we must. It isn’t easy to be a Christian.
  3. Gay Marriage/Rights: I’m just gonna be short and sweet… the God says it’s wrong. God also says that not telling the truth and stealing and cheat and many other things are wrong also, and in Christian terms: sin. EVERYONE SINS! We, as Christians are called to love all people, but we don’t have to agree on everything with everyone. I have family members who are part of the GLBT community and I love then dearly! I don’t fully agree with them but I still love them and treat them with respect and understanding (to the best of my ability). And as far as I know they understand where I am coming from and all of them love me too. Everyone comes to terms with things in their own way but I choose to go down Jesus’s path and love, unconditionally! I am always there to lend an ear to someone if then need to talk but I don’t always say what they would want to hear just because of a difference in opinion/beliefs. Everyone deserves to be happy and loved, at the same time though, I feel like things can go too far. There are people who are trying to make everyone agree with this movement and resent changes in law but no one should be forced to like anything. Bakers getting sued for not agreeing with gay marriage is just wrong! People need to stop getting offend at everyone and everything and just calm down. Don’t force feed the “baby” because the “baby” will revolt! (I don’t mean baby in a bad way but its just something people say like don’t put baby in the corner’ and such.) Anyways, I think you get my point.

I love all of you and wish you the best, I’m sorry if this upset you, this was solely my opinions. Thank you.


One thought on “Issues that Christians in American are Facing

  1. Very well said…our first commandment under the new covenant is to LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, The second is to LOVE EVERYONE ELSE….and that is the harder one, but it is a commandment, and if we don’t love to the point where the other person knows it, we are judging…and won’t be forgiven ourselves. No forgiveness, no Heaven.


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