Valentines 2016

This Valentine’s day was one that I really looked forward to. This year fell on a Sunday which means that we started the day out with church! So we got up and headed to church, once there ( in service) Daniel fell asleep because he had stayed up really late 2 of the 3 nights before and then pulled an all nighter on Saturday so he wouldn’t (hopefully) have to spend all of Sunday doing homework. Also during service, the organ stopped working mid song and the speaker right above the choir would not stop making this annoying high pitched noise which made singing even harder. Once choir was over there was a free lunch/ bible study planned for the young adults at the church and we gladly attended! 🙂 The topic was on the Prosper Theory in which God is like Santa and only exists to grant all of your greatest wishes. We all basically said that we disagreed with this theory but that God can grant your prayers and wishes but only in His timing and not every prayer or wish. After the fellowship time and debating was concluded we were off to opera practice. Daniel went on in and sang with the choir and I sat out in the hallway and listened to the beautiful music and even sang along after sitting there for a bit. The language was Latin and the style was classical which we sing in church all the time so it was easy for me to pick up on. While sitting in the hallway I decided that I want to take voice lessons again! I have missed the learning and community that came with it and want to get back to that again. Once opera practice was over we came home!!! Yay! So we had plans to watch our new movies (which we gifted each other for Valentine’s) but that plan fell through. What new movies you may ask….???? StarWars 1-6!!! Well, that didn’t happen. 😦 Daniel had to spend almost all of Valentine’s Day doing homework also. Both of us can’t wait till he is done with school!!!


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