Branding and Artwork

If you saw my post on the 17th you already know that I am looking into the world of being a YouTuber! I debated for a long time over what name to use or what to do with my channel but i decided on liking my blog with the new YouTube channel. LifeExpressed has been such a blessing in my life and I hope that I have been able to inspire and help others through my posts!

The reason I decided to stay with LifeExpressed at the name is because I feel like it just fits my going and my soul  so perfectly. Plus if you use a name that people already know you by it just makes things a lot easier. The switch to YouTube will be gradual and I will still post on here as well. However the best part about switching to YouTube is that I am an awful spelled and I’m just lucky not one has complained about it yet! 🙂

If any of you have checked out my channel you would have noticed the lovely artwork set as my banner, I made that! I am so beyond proud of myself and hope that I can keep up the good work, but I just love the colors and entire design of the artwork!

My blog has never been solely for women or solely for men, and my channel will continue that reputation. There will be elements that men will enjoy more and elements that women will enjoy more but I just look forward to this adventure and the fun that awaits!

Again, Thank you for being such great listeners to my rants and putting up with my randomness, but I’m afraid that is is going to get weirder! I Promise!!!


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