Wine Glass Pumpkin Candle Holders

OK, so this is really a simple project if you don’t care that yours look NOTHING like the one’s you see on Pinterst hahaha. If you do, Stop reading now and good freaking luck. OK, I took three wine glasses, two for red wine because they’re rounder like an actual pumpkin and one glass for white wine. All I did was  paint the bottom half orange and then  paint the stem green as so. I let it dry and then did another coat of each. For some reason the paint doesn’t go on evenly on the glass so it actually looks like it has some shading and depth to it when it dries. Pretty cool cause you don’t have to go in with lighter and darker colors to create that effect (affect ?? )
Next, I just waited for the second coat to dry and then took a beige paint I already had in my art box and painted stripes vertically down the base with a very thin paint brush. I know, I know, it looks pretty crappy here when it’s wet but I promise it does actually look like a pumpkin when it’s all said and done with.
Lastly,  it was time to try and decorate the stem like the pic of the original.  I, however, refuse to spend any money on this project  because 1.) I thought it was going to be a bust when I compared my pumpkin wine glass to the Pinterest one and 2.) Have you been to Michael’s lately? A little strand of those leaves costs like $5 bucks!! Forget that. I had some of this stuff that’s like what a basket is made of (no freaking idea what the hell this stuff is) leftover from – again- another project. So I thought that might work (remember I was HATING my pumpkin painting skills at this time). I also, for some random reason, had picked up some tea lights while I was at the Dollar Tree one day so I didn’t have to go out and buy those either.. Double Score!
I took three strands of the twine, bunched it together and then tied it in a bow around the stem of the wine glass. I then turned the wine glasses upside down and put a tea light on the base of the wine glass. I lit them Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Here’s the big reveal!!

Not to bad right? I mean for something that took me maybe 10 minutes to complete they look pretty damn good. My real estate agent actually saw these on my book shelf and fell in love with them. She wanted to know where I bought them LOL! So, if you’ve pinned this and are thinking I can’t paint like that.. Well, now you don’t have that excuse because I can’t paint like that either and mine came out OK.
If you didn’t have any of these items at your house and wanted to make these here’s what it’d cost you. (you can get most of it at Dollar Tree)
Dollar Tree wine glasses about $3.25 for all three
Dollar Tree Twine or ribbon for the stem $1.09
Paint $1.25 for two at Walmart or Michaels… so a little over $5 bucks total!


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