The Unknown, Just Tell The Truth

Growing up I attended several different churches and different Denominations. This has made me into who I am today and helps me understand God better than I might of if I had only attended one church. Oddly enough though I still cone across parts of scripture that I had never seen or heard before due to selective preaching. This had actually happened to me the past two Sundays in a row. Once church is over and my husband and I are headed home we like to discuss what we though about the sermon and if anything stood out to us and I have had to admit that I haven’t heard those passages before. (Don’t ask me which ones because I forgot to write them down lol.) What has happened is that I have been taught about the scripture after but not the whole story. I felt robed, I felt confused, I was wondering why that would happen but then I remembered that pastures tend to tailor their sermons to the specific message rather than then whole truth. That, in my opinion is sad. Due to this issue, Daniel and I have had the chance to talk even more about scripture, God, life, faith,family, etc and for that we are always grateful. Maybe God didn’t want me to hear that scripture until I was older so that way it would be more of an impact, who knows.



2 thoughts on “The Unknown, Just Tell The Truth

  1. No matter where you go to church, you will never hear the entire Bible… It’s up to the individual to study the word of God, and not the pastors fault if we don’t. Please don’t start blaming churches and realize that you’re very young and need to find this out on your own. You will do well, because the hunger for God was placed in you. Be grateful for what you do know and build on that. Look around you, there are millions of different interpretations of the same word. I love you smart cookie. Sent from my iPhone Carlene



    1. This is not to blame churches but to express my being upset for the fact that what I heard was important and had never be taught before (in my presence) when it was indeed important and not something to be simply overlooked.


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