So I have joined the fandom of the wonderful Pewdiepie, a youtuber. This man has lived in a couple different countries, published a book, created a video game, made thousands of videos, etc and is living on top of the world! During his videos he is very silly and upbeat, except on the rare occasion that he is sick. Both his game and his book just released with in the last month or so and I am proud of him, even though I don’t really know him.




Pewdiepie’s trademark is the Brofist, hints the name of the game. This has not only appeared in almost all of his videos but is also his logo.Something so simple can become so iconic if it is in the right hands.


Pewds and his girl friend Marzia (Cutiepie) make a living playing video games and being creative/intertaining for people to watch and they seem to be living the dream. Pewds videos tend to get about thousands of views and he has over 39,000,000 subscribers on YouTube (free to sign up); Cutiepie also has thousands of views per video and over 5,000,000 subscribers.


They also have some pets! The two of them have two pugs named Edgar and Mia who appear on the show often, but the also have/had two axolotls names Clint and Billy. They may have more pets that I don’t now about but I think these are pretty cool.


I am proud of what they have been able to do not only together but individually, keep gaming and stay awesome bros!


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