DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

thanksgiving table decor

  • Pumpkin Vases
  • + Cut an opening around the stem of a large pumpkin. Discard this portion of the pumpkin.
  • + Clean out the inside of the pumpkin.
  • + Place a short vase with water and flowers inside the pumpkin. Another option is to place the flowers directly inside the pumpkin and then arrange as desired.
  • thanksgiving table decor
  • Candle Holder
  • + Fill a vase with alternating layers of corn kernels, dry seeds, and/ or beans.
  • + Place a pillar candle on top of the mixture and add more layers until the candle is securely buried.
  • thanksgiving table decor
  • Glittered leaves
  • + Press leaf in a flower press or in between pages of an old magazine with a weight on top. Let set overnight or longer.
  • + Cover one side of leaf with glue. Apply glitter and shake off excess.
  • + Can be used as place cards, name-tags for hostess gifts, or table décor.
  • thanksgiving table decor
  • Mini Pumpkin Candle
  • + Cut a small opening around the stem of a mini pumpkin. Use the bottom of your tea light as a guide to trace a circle for size if desired.
  • + Carve out only as deep as needed. If you prefer to use a votive you will need to carve deeper.
  • + Place your candle in the opening, light, and enjoy. If you are placing the candles near food, you may want to consider using unscented candles.
  • thanksgiving table decor
  • Some other ideas I will be trying this year include:
  • + Pumpkin dip bowl
  • + Pumpkin cooler
  • + Candles floating in cranberries

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