Be the Enouagement

As a wife, it is part of my life’s goal to always make my husband happy and feel good. When others put him down, it is my job to ensure him that is is wonderful with God’s help we can do anything we put our minds to. I am his support as he is my leader. In marriage there are many different roles one must play to keep things in balance but these I find to be steadfast. I love my husband and trust him completely, but I am not always the best at showing or telling him this (one of my many shortcomings). To stay on topic of my last post, I am trying to make sure that he is one of the people that I try to make happy on a daily basis! He is my world! To help myself do this I have done something very simple but it will always remind me of the servant’s heart that I am suppose to have for him. I have made this image my screensaver on my computer!!! As soon as I did this I instantly thought of at least one time when I should have said one of the things on this list but instead chose maybe more harsher words or chose not to say anything about him at all.


I challenge all the wives out there to do this for your husband!!! Even if he doesn’t say anything at first the love and respect you are showing him by choosing praise and love will be obvious. He will be a happier man, even if he has to warm up to the idea at first, and you will be a happier couple! Trust God always for His way is good!

Just for fun:



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