Change has come!

In the past week, I have decided to no longer stay at my current job and start on a new adventure. My current job is working at a hospital in the food service area, I have enjoyed getting to do different things at the hospital and expand my job knowledge. Never, before this job, had I ever brewed coffee let alone be able to stay in an environment surrounded by the smell of brewed coffee without throwing up. Coffee tends to make me nauseous which is shocking to most of the world, but it was something that I have had to deal with. But anyways, this is now becoming my former life. I am now moving on to CLEANING. Not really done this before besides around the house, but I’m willing to try. The hours of work are the same and it is also gonna be full- time, but still something unknown. I’m told that this is a good thing to do as a job because if you work efficiently then you get done early and still get paid the same as if you were there the whole time. That is good!!! I also look forward to having a consistent schedule and 2 days off per week! It’s a miracle!!!  At the hospital, I am luck to get 1 day off a week and sometimes the is in between working  two 7 working day weeks. Time off is much wanted! 🙂 I’m looking forward to this and see what the future holds. Like Katy Perry says, “after a hurricane is a rainbow.” God has this!!!! God has me!!!



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