Need A Change

As I have said in some of my past posts, I am wanting to have a happier leave on life and therefore better mine and my husband’s life together. One of the things that I have not been able to get a grasp on is the influence that others have on us. As a Christian I do believe in the power of words and even the belief that if you think positively then more positive things will happen just because you are looking for them or see them more easily, plus the power of God of course!

All throughout mine and Daniel’s relationship we have been told by many different voices how bad we are for each other and how nothing good can come from us being together. FYI I still take offense to this. Even after 2 years of us being married nothing but negativity surrounds us. Not because of anything we do or do not do specifically, but because we choose to do things differently than the onlookers would want us to do it. Yes, we do need help. Neither one of us know that much about cars or things of that matter so we reach  out for help in that matter, but there is a lot that we don’t ask help for. Here recently we have had a lot of car issues and therefore keeping my dad on the run, but it is just temporary and we are very grateful for the help.

What I am asking for and was hoping would happen on it’s own is that mine and my husband’s lives be filled with people who are going to support and love us. Giving advice is a good thing too but do it in a positive and loving way rather than anger, hate, emotion, fed up, etc because that is what makes people not want to listen to other or even be around others. Each generation, each person is different and each person’s options in life are different. Time changes so much in so many ways and there are only a few things that can and will be constant: Love, God, Hope, Grace, Etc. God can and will provide all our needs but we would like to have family and friends too. We can keep each other happy by ourselves if we need to but interaction with others would be very nice under the right conditions (being positive, supportive, and loving).

I am beyond blessed to have a loving husband and a family that is concerned for me, but I know that there is an overwhelming amount of negativity surrounding us and I am saying NO MORE! “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!” Philippians 4:13

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“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” -Helen Keller


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