In the End

The Detox is now over! Yay!!! It was a very interesting part of my life which I may never forget, might repeat, might not, but it was interesting. Over all I did not enjoy it, I believe it was because where I work I am not allowed to bring food to eat with me because they give us an allowance for food on every shift we work. This goes to say that the food options at my work were not at all conducive to a detox. I ate the same thing every day and even then it was the best option I had but still wasn’t detox worthy. This made the task at hand a lot harder than it should have been, that and adjusting to my new sleep/work schedule. I did manage to loose about 10 lbs and that did make me happy, maybe next time things will be a bit easier, we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “In the End

    1. I have clothes, no worries. I still wear the same clothes even though I have lost weight. I have worn the same clothes (more or less) since middle school, I still wear my 8th grade tshirt every now and then. 🙂 My weight has changed from 180-250 and everywhere in between throughout the years but I can still wear a lot of the same stuff. eventually they do die though. lol That is then when shopping is required. 🙂


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