Detoxing and Leaning

I decided a couple weeks back that I would join part of my family on the journey through a detox, but I was a little late. 🙂 I started my detox just a couple days ago, after some of the chaos I have been facing has calmed down some, so I could face this thing head on. This is the first really detox I have done and I am not being extremely strict, but I am learning just how hard it can be. As you all know, Easter just passed and during the holidays it is always harder to try to eat right and loose weight than in other parts of the year. Oddly enough for me though (somewhere in the last month), I somehow had managed to loose 20 pounds!!!!! That’s awesome! And I wasn’t even trying!!! However, now that I am trying, I am very interested to see what the detox will do for me. Right now I and praying for God’s strength over temptations and patience as I continue on this path. Wish me luck!!!



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