During Spring Break this year my husband and I had the chance to go to Portugal with our college choir. It was a great time with lots of singing and site seeing! We were able to see many different cities (Potro, Lisbon, Evora, etc) and experience the great country that laid before us. In Obidos, we got to experience the legendary roasted chicken (awesome!!!!! I will elaborate on this latter on.) and see a lot of different shops. Needless to say this is where we did most of our shopping for gifts. We also saw this little critter! 🙂


As per US rules for visiting other countries, we didn’t get too close and we didn’t pet the dog but she was so sweet! She just laid there content with the world until her owner called for her and then she scurried over to her with her tail wagging something fierce!

As most of you know from some of my posts in the past, our choir director passed away just a few days after we got back from the trip. He was sent home a couple days early so one of our own stepped up and took the role of conductor, that man was David Silverberg. It was a learning curve for all involve on how to follow and or lead but we managed.


Here is a picture of him in a rehearsal just about an hour before a performance learning what gestures he should give us when and what tempo to conduct all of the different songs in. He did a great job and we are thankful for his leadership!

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