Happy Easter to one and all!!!! I hope that you are excited with getting to see family, have great food, laugh till you cry, and many many other wonderful things that happen on this holiday every year! I love how during this time we get to celebrate so many different things! “Like what?” some may say…


Love and Spring!


Getting to be with the ones you love and the happiness that is found in new life a new beginning that happens every spring. Yes I am referring to repopulating also in this one reason, after all that is what the eggs are suppose to represent in the Easter Tradition of the Egg Hunt. New life brings a renewed joy into the world much like what we experience at Christmas time but this is not only referring to one baby being born but many babies from all kinds of different species.



Who doesn’t love getting your hands all messy in the hopes that you will have the best dyed egg for miles around! Okay, Me, sometimes… but it still fun even if you avoid the messy business. Another tradition people tend to have with this holiday is one of my favorites, the Deviled Eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY with a capital EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am normally the one in charge of making the eggs, well in the past couple of years, because I demand that they be at every holiday event all year round in excess! Like a Christmas Tree, the eggs are the symbol of this holiday.



Lets face it! We just wanna get together to eat and to see the little ones all dressed up in their new and fancy Easter Outfits. They are just too cute!!! Like these baby bunnies, the kids monopolize the day(the blog) and I think that most of us are okay with that. Family is a very important part to anyone’s life and is what is meant to be with us all throughout our lives. Families should love and share together and this day is a great time to do just that!


true reason

Don’t forget the true reason why we celebrate!!!! Jesus arose from the dead on this day and through Him we are forgiven and free! Through Him we can love without fear and be happy all the days of our lives! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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