Catching Up

The past few weeks have been a crazy roller coaster ride! I was in a wreck (as most of you already know), I went to Portugal with my choir, Started a new job, Left my old job, My choir director died, and much much more. For my family that reads this they all know what has bee happening and the stress and sadness that I have faced. I am steal dealing with insurance companies and police from the wreck and dealing with the fact that my choir director is no longer with us anymore.

The day I found out about his passing I cried pretty much nonstop for 6 hours or so. I partially did that on purpose because I had to go to work that night and I didn’t want to risk breaking down in a sobbing mess at my new job. You know, I still have to look professional and all. 🙂 Well just a few days later my husband and I had the honor of singing at his funeral along with our fellow choir members. We only sang one song in the funeral but after there was a concert in which we sang in two different groups.

This whole month has been crazy, full of ups and downs (mostly downs), but I know that God only puts on you what you can handle and what will make you a better person in the long run. I don’t understand all of the stuff I have had to go through this month, but I still love and follow God and His will! even though I am still in the mess of everything I know that there is still hope and that there is still a bright future for me. He’s not finished with me yet!



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