Purity Balls

For those who have no idea what a purity ball is, it is a ball where Fathers and Daughters dress up and go to a dance (typically the Fox Trot) and dinner together. The Daughters, once they reach puberty, pledge their lives and their virginities to God and the protection of those to their Fathers. The Daughters are given a ring to show their commitment to abstinence and then there is celebrations.


My take on this is a mix of what people are saying. I believe that this is a beautiful level of trust and love, but that there are also people who can and will take advantage of this. I don’t believe that it is a cult like ritual or a forced decision, but I do believe, as a Christian, that purity is something that should be celebrated and guarded. That it should only be shared with one person, your spouse, or if your spouse dies maybe remarry and share with your new spouse.


Fathers will/should always want  what is best for their Daughters and this is one way that they go about doing this. I know that my Father was very protective over me and who I was around and what they were doing but it was because he loved/loves me.


At these balls, the Daughters tend to dress in white to be symbolic of their promises and the Fathers wear nice suits. The girls carry in a cross and place it in the center of the dance floor and also do a ballet performance. After that the couples (Fathers and Daughters) enter by passing in between two men who have their swords raised. This, in a way, make a royal passage for the couples to cross under and makes the whole even feel more regal. The girls then place a sing white rose at the base of the cross so as to represent their pledge once more.


People of any age can attend and other family members too but the night’s main focus is on the Daughter’s promise and the Father’s love. Yes this may be over bearing to some people and creepy to others, but as a Christian I can understand where they are coming from. Or at least I believe I understand. I know a song that my family used to show the love a Father and Daughter, “Butterfly Kisses”. It makes at least one of us cry every time we hear it. The version for the Daughter is caller “Daddy’s Little Girl”


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