Happy Valentine’s Day!

I pray that you all had a good Valentine’s day and that even if you don’t have a boy/girl friend or husband/wife that you were still able to find a moment to enjoy God’s love! I have been thinking a lot over the past couple of weeks about that Daniel and I were gonna do for “Lovebird’s Day” and we decided to do NOTHING! Ya, that is what we did, we did nothing. We sat at home and went grocery shopping after I got home from work, of course. 🙂 We have decided that this year we aren’t going to hand out gifts for every holiday and occasion and this also included between us. Instead Daniel and I went to the Opera the night before and saw “Carmen” for the first time ever! It was wonderful, like most operas we have seen, oddly enough, it is a French opera set in Spain. I didn’t even realize that they were speaking French because I would notice words like bonjour and know it meant hello and au revoir and know that meant bye. Needless to say, I was translating French in my head to Spanish then to English so I was doing way too much work in other words. It wasn’t until today that I realized just what I had done because Daniel and I were talking about it. I felt stupid and some how smart at the same time…

Before deciding on attending the opera, we had thought about buy each other a “little something” but we like each other too much for a little something to be satisfactory to the gift giver that we automatically decide to “upgrade” which gets us in to trouble later on down the road, you know money and all that. 😛 When we were thinking about getting gifts though, one of the first things that popped into my mind was a little bit of candy, but my parents handled that for us. Thanks Mom and Dad! So then I thought… a teddy bear, but then I saw this video and it changed everything…

What is your take on the  video? Will it forever change how you look at teddy bears? Will it forever change how you give gifts and what they are? Good questions to think about! 🙂 Always remember, Bears have feelings too!


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