Well my idea for the list for Christmas was obviously a bust, I was hoping that others might post their lists too but oh well. So this time instead I thought I would switch to the more normal blog. Its okay that my followers are a bit shy, I am too and this whole thing is me trying to break out of my shell and get things out of my mind or off of my chest. Another way that I have been trying to grow and better myself through out the years is by joining my college’s choir and getting to travel the world.

With my choir I have had the joy of traveling to Germany, Spain, China, and here soon we are going to Portugal also! The reason I have been able to do these trips is one because they have been cheap and too because if I have needed any help from family there has always been someone there to help me out. The ability to see all of the different cultures and be a part of the places that my family hasn’t been before is so wonderful!

Germany way my first experience outside of the good old US of A if you don’t include cruses to Mexico. It was the best trip thus far and the coldest too! I was warned ahead of time that it was gonna be extremely cold the whole time but I still wasn’t ready. At any given moment I had on about 12 items of clothes on and was still freezing and going numb all over. Even though I despise the cold it was such a blessing to go on this trip. We were able to sing in the church that Martin Luther was buried in and also the church that he nailed the 95 Theses to. We also got to go to a Holocaust camp and a castle and much much more! So many door were opened up to us and it was a huge blessing!

Rebuilt This building was in Weimar, Germany and was rebuilt, I believe, 4 times. All four were due to fires! Wow how history repeats itself. 

Maybe next time I will share other experiences with you but for now, enjoy a little bit of Germany! 🙂


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