25 Gifts Of Christmas

1. My Husband– He brings me such joy and love. Without him my life would be a lot more boring and regretful.

2. Music– This has always been a big part of my life and I pray this never happens but if I were to go deaf I would hope that God would allow Sign Language to fill that void in my life.

 Record Birds

3. Family– Such a supportive bunch and I feel that this is a given but I wouldn’t be here without them! 😉 They are why I exist and why I am who I am.

4. Animals– I am such an animal lover! They are always so  cute and normally care for their family members as is they were human too. My family some times calls me Elle May from the Beverly Hillbillies.

5. A Job– All of those who know me know that I am not a huge fan of where I work currently, but it is a vital part of my life and helps me do all that I need to!

6. Charity– There are many different organizations out there that are  willing to put their time and energy into others and that brings me such great joy! I have love through out my life, to go and volunteer at different place and help people. It just humbles one so much to serve others. I am also thankful for all of those who have invested their time, energy, and finances into me as well. Who knows where or how I would have turned out other wise.

7. Faith– I am so thankful for my faith in the Lord but also people’s faith in me, even those that don’t even know me. The Lord always provides for His people in His timing and today He has continued to do so for us.

8. Patience– I am not a person with much patience, but I am given a lot of it via friends and family. If I am mad or not feeling well I am not the best person to be around, but they still love me no matter what.

9. Down Time– When this happens to me I am so excited! I am always on the go and when there is a moment to just calm down and relax I tend to take advantage of it without delay.

10. Mentors– No matter who they are you will eventually have an issue with your family so you should always have someone who can coach you with out being too bias but also love you and want to help you through what ever trials you are facing in life. Our mentors are such great people and they will tell you with out any hesitation if you are doing something wrong but also be able to love on you in just the next second.

11. Gifts– I know this seems vain, but I love gifts! I love the thrill of gifts on Christmas and wondering what in the world is inside the package!!! Even more so I love to give gifts, to see the joy in someone else’s eyes when you just happen to get them an amazing gift! This is also a symbol of the wisemen giving gifts to Jesus.

12. Health– Health is one thing that I am very thankful for all year round. Even though I like not having to go to work or whatever event might be happening that I may not want to be a part of, being able to work and do everything I need to is even better.

13. Color– Without it life would be a lot more bland and boring! (especially the color blue)


14. Hosting– The ability to have friends over is such a huge blessing! I love having the fellowship time together and play silly games or watch movies. It is truly a blessing!

15. Adventure– Being able to see the world has meant more than I can explain to my husband and me. I love getting to see new places and experience different cultures. The blessing to get to travel as cheaply as we have done in the past is just an added bonus! Even going to Florida just for a week is more than we could ask for.

16. Family Recipes– Past down from generation to generation, the food still continues to amaze! Each person who gets their hands on these delectable dishes add their own twist to  them making them even more awesome as the years go on. Some recipes are even added on a regular basis which just goes to prove how good of cooks I have in my family.

17. Games– As I mentioned before, games are a wonderful way to spend time with people! There is such a variety of different types of games in the world that I don’t believe that any single person could ever get around to playing them all.


18. Learning Random Information That Doesn’t Really Apply To Anything– Enough said!

19. Freedom of Speech– Getting to say what you want to say is great, if only morals didn’t get in the way. 🙂

20. Freckles– No matter what age you are, you are automatically cuter just because you have freckles! Thank you genetics!

21. Passions– I am grateful for all of the people along the way that have helped me with my exploration of my passions. I continue to do so with some of the same people supporting me and more added along the way.

22. Life’s Theme Songs– Everyone has at least one song that has spoken to them throughout the years and I know some people in my family have amazing ones! (Momma, “Another One Bites The Dust”)

23. Organization– Being organized is key in my life, without it I would be a train wreck!

24. Wine– It is something that I am just starting to get into but so far there are a good many that I like. My husband seems to like a lot more than me though.

25. Holidays– Getting to be with everyone is great and the food just makes it even better!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to your lists! 🙂100-list


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