The End Of The Semester

Okay so now that classes are over I get to look forward to finals! Yay! Not! This coming week with be finals week and then I will be done for the semester! 🙂 Along with preparing for this crazy week I am also getting ready for Christmas. My tree is up and decorated, My cards are ready to be sent, My shopping is done, and now all my gifts are wrapped and under the tree! I don’t want to brag but I feel good about having all that done already, I can now look forward to like without school and without less holiday stress that almost everyone faces. Now like pretty much everyone else I still do have to try to juggle family and all of the get together. Today is my Father’s Father’s Family Christmas Party but I can not attend sadly. I already got a date mixed up in my head. Maybe next year will go even smoother, but only God knows that!

I was thinking that on the week of Christmas everyone should post 25 things that they are blessed with. This can be a  list of things you are grateful for like on Thanksgiving when most families list at least one thing each or just blessings, however you want to interpret it. This could even be a list of different traditions that your family has that you just absolutely love and want to continue for forever!

Just remember what the true reason for this time of year is and why we celebrate with one another!


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