20 Myths About Me, Na, Make That 14

1. I am self confident ( I am always seeking approval from any.everyone)

2. I have a plan for my life ( I have no idea what to do, nor do I completely care at the moment)

3. I have a lot of friends (I only have friends in the name not in the action, mostly)

4. I am boring to be around (actually I can be a lot of fun, I just like to people watch)

5. I like English/ writing (Nope, I am good at writing but that doesn’t mean I like it)

6. I am a good singer (Honestly I have very poor technique but to the untrained eye/ear I can fake it pretty well, I’m pretty lazy most of the time when it comes to my singing)

7. I have a ton of free time (hahahahah, NO!)

8. I am always questioning my authority figures (By no means is that my intentions, instead I am trying to figure out why things have changed or just in general make since of the situation in front of me)

9. I enjoy Math (nope, but I am good at it)

10. I am 154 in dog years (actually depending on the type/ size of the do I am about 352)

11. My husband and I got married at a young age because we had messed up and had sex/ gotten pregnant (We waited til our wedding day, after the wedding, as it should be! I won’t say that we were temptation free but we did avoid it.)

12. I am creative ( only on a good day, I am mostly logical)

13. I am afraid of storms (only if I am driving! 😛 I  down actually sleep like a baby when it storms.)

14. I am always on the go ( I tend to take a couple hours at night to calm down and do something that I would enjoy.)

15. I give up

16. I gave up

17. I surrender

18. Please make it stop

19. Why must it continue?

20. Finally!!!!!!


One thought on “20 Myths About Me, Na, Make That 14

  1. Here is a fact about you:
    Although you can not see it and maybe some others have trouble seeing it…you are an amazing young women…strong, smart, creative, loyal, giving, and absolutely beatiful. You make an awesome friend and I daughter that no matter how hard I try, I will never deserve.


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