In the Beginning

Okay guys, first things first I am not a great speller but I am hoping that this spell check really does work! Secondly I can not promise that there will be a set theme to this blog besides my life and how the world around me changes. I will try to be open and honest with everyone but you must realize that at time walls may come up and stop me in my tracks.

The reason I started this blog is not because I have time to waste but rather because I don’t have much time. I am married, work, attend school, and go to church along with may other things in my life. I have looked for an accountability partner (more or less)  for awhile now and have had little to no luck so I turned to this blog.

Something else that you may want to know about me is that I am a Christian and my reference that from time to time in my blogs. I pray that this will be a great experience for all involved and that much success and many blessings will come from this endeavor.

For now I will stop here and let this sink in a little bit for you viewers and we will continue on our adventure together later. Oh by the way, Hi my name is Beth and I am here to live life expressed!


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